In the first phase of the project, Greycliff Wind plans to build a project capable of generating up to 25 megawatts (“MW”) of renewable energy, which is enough clean energy to power about 8,000 homes each year. Greycliff Wind is majority owned by the project's landowners and Montana residents. The project will provide Montanans some of the lowest cost electricity from a renewable energy project in Montana constructed in the last 10 years.

A summary of the key benefits and impacts of the Greycliff Project:

  • Over $3M in local property taxes and impact fees over 25-year life of project.
  • Environmental and viewshed studies confirm:
    • No (or very limited) visibility to Interstate 90 and the Yellowstone River and limited visibility to adjacent landowners.
    • Low risk to existing birds and wildlife.
  • Active local support, as evidenced by a signed petition from residents and local business owners viewing the project favorably.
  • Project projected to displace over 50,000 tons of CO2 annually.


  • Project development is locally-owned, creating value in Montana.
  • Project has very good wind speeds, confirmed by on-site meteorological data collected over 3 years.
  • Good wind speeds allow delivery of lower cost renewable energy.
  • Project entirely located on Hobble Diamond Ranch in Sweet Grass County, MT, with few adjacent neighbors.
  • First phase of 25 MW is enough to power about 8,000 homes each year.
  • Each wind turbine typically requires less than ½ an acre of land.
  • Turbines will not impact the landowner’s current farming and ranching operations.
  • Project will utilize existing power lines adjacent to site and existing roads so that minimal new infrastructure will be required.
  • Project represents a significant investment in the local economy, with revenues to support the Sweet Grass County and school district tax base, while potentially reducing tax burdens for local landowners, homeowners, and businesses.
  • Will create about 44 full-time equivalent jobs during construction.


Greycliff Wind has been in development for over five years. The Hobble Diamond Ranch was selected for the site after analyzing key wind project development issues including:

  • Good wind speeds (now verified by 3+ years of on-site data)
  • Close proximity to existing transmission lines with available capacity for new resources.
  • Availability of land to lease.
  • Ready access to site utilizing existing infrastructure.
  • No fatal flaw environmental issues.
  • No significant viewshed issues.
  • No conflict with airports or FAA.

The Hobble Diamond Ranch is a Montana Ranch operated with pride and integrity. The ranch runs an 800-900 head commercial Black Angus cow/calf operation on roughly 30,000 deeded acres. Registered Angus bulls are purchased and replacement heifers are selected/retained from our own calves each spring. There are 1200 acres of irrigated land, 900 plus acres of hay ground. There is currently a five year planting rotation on hay ground in place which will be ongoing. Irrigation includes pivot, wheel line, hand line, and flood.

Our employees are honest and hardworking and maintain the ranch, the ranch equipment and all facilities in excellent condition. The Hobble Diamond Ranch has a firm commitment to the livestock industry and to sustainable wildlife resource development and stewardship. The ranch is owned by Susan and Robert Burch who are active in managing the overall direction of the ranch. Safety is a primary concern and a priority at all times.

The Hobble Diamond is an active and committed member of the Big Timber and Sweet Grass County communities. Their team of match Percherons are seen pulling the Hobble Diamond hitch wagon at fairs and other local events. The ranch has sponsored the Big Timber Arts Roundup for 13 years and has brought over 700 high school students from Montana and the East coast together to experience the beauty of the Yellowstone Valley in the fall of each year. The Hobble Diamond has hosted the Sweet Grass County Fair and remains an active supporter of a number of local charities and events.