Montana Wind Resources, LLC (“MWR”) is a Billings, Montana based wind developer that utilizes a “Community Wind” model for projects in the Northern Rockies and is owned solely by Montana residents. MWR works with ranchers, farmers, businesses and institutions throughout the West to facilitate the use of wind as a renewable energy resource. MWR collaborates with landowners and local investors through the process of wind data analysis, securing land leases, environmental and transmission studies and securing financing for the construction of wind farms.

MWR is currently in development of four wind projects that have the potential of generating over 150 MW of renewable energy.


Greycliff Wind has been in development for over 5 years. The Hobble Diamond Ranch site was selected for the site after analyzing key wind project development issues including:

  • Project Development
  • Project Consulting and Management
  • Wind Data Collection and Analysis
  • Transmission Planning
  • Project Feasibility Studies
  • Development Financing
  • Site Control
  • Graphic Imagining Systems (GIS)
  • Site Resource Mapping
  • Environmental Feasibility Studies
  • View shed analysis

Principal Owners


Rhyno Stinchfield, CEO, has over 30 years of experience in sustainable and renewable energy. In the 80’s his design/build company won the Bonneville Power Administration’s “Energy Efficient Home” competition over 100 other builders in the Northwest. From 1992 through 2007 he developed marketing and distribution of sustainable building materials in all 50 states, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean while residing in Montana. Four years ago, Stinchfield co-founded Montana Wind Resources to develop Community Wind Farms. Rhyno also owns GreenWorld Partners, LLC, a Billings- and Boston-based provider of wind, solar, biomass and large-scale battery storage systems throughout North America and abroad. Recently he has assisted a Japanese wind turbine manufacturer to locate manufacturing and distribution in Billings, MT and co-authored a “Guide to Wind Development” for Energy Northwest, a consortium of 28 public utilities in Washington State.

Steve Tyrrel, President and COO, has over 15 years of experience working with ranchers, farmers, businesses, and local/ state/federal governmental entities in Montana and the northern Rockies. His duties include managing site control, wind assessment, environmental and transmission analysis. Steve is a founding member and Chief of his local volunteer fire department and serves on local community boards and organizations.


Hobble Diamond Ranch

Robert L. Burch – Susan S. Burch

Robert L. Burch is the managing Partner and Chief Executive Officer of Redbadge, an investment and business development company. He has been an entrepreneur and active investor in dynamic businesses across a wide range of industries for over 30 years. He also has contributed to the growth of multiple successful companies and established Redbadge as a result of his passion for developing and growing innovative brands.

Bob founded his first business in college, along with his brother Chris – Eagle’s Eye, a manufacturer and retailer of women’s and children’s sportswear. Within a decade’s time, the company expanded a national distribution footprint which included more than 50 of its own retail stores. Eagle’s Eye was acquired by Swire Group where for the next ten years, the company grew to over $100 million in sales.

After the sale of Eagle’s Eye, Bob continued to become a significant participant in the entrepreneurial community having launched and invested in several companies and funds. Bob was also a founding investor for Internet Capital Group—a business-to-business Internet holding company that had a multi-billion dollar market capitalization at its height. Along with that, he also became a founder and director of Continuum Group—a technology and elecommunications infrastructure fund, and an early founding investor of Guggenheim Partners—a NYC-based global advisory and nvestment firm.In addition, among his many real estate endeavors, Bob was a Managing Partner in El Porteño Properties which focused on real estate developments in Argentina.

Bob is a graduate of Denison University and has served on the Boards of The Academy of Natural Sciences, Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Philadelphia, The Franklin Institute and The Haverford School. Bob is also the Founder of Big Timber Arts Round-Up, a gathering of students actively interested in creative writing, photography, drama, and the visual arts.

In 1998 Bob and his wife, Susan purchased the Hobble Diamond Ranch in Big Timber Montana. Over the last 16 years, they have increased the size of the ranch three fold and invested considerable amounts in the infrastructure and appearance of the property.

Today Bob and Susan have 5 children and have been married for 25 years.They reside in the Philadelphia area during the school year and in Montana in the summer.


National Renewable Solutions, LLC

National Renewable Solutions, LLC (“NRS”) is a Minneapolis-based utility scale renewable energy developer, with a principle and staff history of successful wind farm development representing approximately 1,062 MW. Though NRS is not the majority shareholder, NRS is the project manager and co-developer for Greycliff Wind, LLC.

The unique NRS community model allows for rural landowners and community members to participate in the success of the project, while minimizing required annual development costs. Under the company agreement, the model allows the Manager to make all business decisions. This structure provides three to four times the local economic impact of traditional “pay per turbine” corporate development models, but affords streamlined business contract decisions. Greycliff Wind Prime, LLC is the special purpose company for this 25 MW project and is 100% owned by Greycliff Wind.

Greycliff Wind, LLC was acquired by NRS from National Wind, LLC in May 2011. The project was part of the acquisition of the management rights and stock in six of the project companies NRS currently manages. Patrick Pelstring was a founder in 2004 of National Wind, LLC and served as its largest shareholder and Co-Chairman until December 2011.

Pelstring had a direct role in securing and completing 220 MW of installed wind farm capacity currently operating in the Midwest. He formed NRS in April 2011 and acquired six project companies from National Wind. Since the formation of NRS, Pelstring and his development team has developed an additional 842 MW of projects which are either operating or construction-ready.

The seven projects of the NRS portfolio are owned in partnership with more than 375 rural landowners and investors, collectively. NRS is currently the developer and manager of seven renewable energy development companies including Greycliff, for an active development portfolio of over 2,100 MW. These development projects represent the future prospect of over $3.2 billion of operating wind farms.